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Goldman, G.A., 2023, ‘Editorial 2023’, Acta Commercii 23(1), a1224. https://doi.org/10.4102/ac.v23i1.1224


Editorial 2023

Geoffrey A. Goldman

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Upon finalising the 23rd edition of Acta Commercii, I am excited to see that the articles contained in this edition truly cover a wide range of issues within the management sciences. This is exactly what Acta Commercii endeavours to bring to its audience and the academic community in general, namely high-quality research that covers a broad and diverse range of issues within the ambit of the management sciences. However, as was evident in recent times, the prevalent zeitgeist is also reflected in articles published in the 23rd edition. As organisations forge ahead in a post-Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) world and learn to deal with uncertainties in the market, rapid and disruptive changes, pressures to conform to a Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) world, technological advances, social transformation, and political upheavals, the research agenda in management and related discourses continues to reflect these pressing issues.

In this edition, two articles specifically deal with management issues in a post-COVID-19 environment. Articles addressing issues such as disruption, 4IR, cybernetics, block chain, technology-driven demand, digital leadership, and organisational justice. Entrepreneurship and small business management remain a popular area of scholarship, especially seen against the backdrop of South Africa’s agenda as a developing economy, and eight of the published articles in the 23rd edition focused on entrepreneurship, small business, and developing economies.

Of the articles published in the 23rd edition, I am pleased to announce that the articles cover a wide array of fields within management. Apart from entrepreneurship and small business management, articles covered spiritual leadership, strategic decision making, tourism, creativity, organisational effectiveness, cultural intelligence, work life balance, and financial literacy. It is also heartening to see that published articles do not only deal with the South African context. In this edition, articles dealing with diverse geographic contexts have been published, including Ghana, Zimbabwe, USA, and Nigeria.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the authors of our published articles for standing by Acta Commercii and submitting interesting, attention-grabbing, and relevant work to our journal. Also, I wish to express my gratitude to our dedicated team of reviewers. You do this not for any compensation, but for your trust in the integrity of Acta Commercii and out of your own goodwill. A special word of thanks has to be extended to the team at AOSIS in Bellville. Your professionalism, dedication, and hard work make my task as an Editor a pleasurable one.


Prof. Geoff A Goldman

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