Call for papers 2018

Call for papers for a special issue of Acta Commercii on Entrepreneurship’s contribution in alleviating poverty and economic inequality: African experiences


Guest editors:

  • Prof Willie Chinyamurindi, University of Fort Hare
  • Prof Crispen Chipunza, Central University of Technology
  • Prof Patient Rambe, Central University of Technology
  • Prof Richard Shambare, University of Venda

Submission Deadline via the electronic platform: 30 April 2018


Approximate Publication Date: November 2018


Acta Commercii seeks to promote research within the ambit of management and related disciplines, with a reach across the African continent. This uniquely positions it as a leading resource to advance African management literature.


This is the first special issue of Acta Commercii since 2014, and it comes at a time of great development across the African context encouraging entrepreneurial thinking. The idea for this special issue came out of a conference held in Bloemfontein, South Africa, in March 2017, with a desire to synergise efforts and expand the scope of entrepreneurship research within the African context.


Most African countries are emerging from decades of colonial oppression, the ramifications of which continue to resonate. Research in entrepreneurship and related fields has much to offer to assist in efforts towards redress. Notably, however, research in the field remains fragmented, and often does not give voice to the African experience.


The goal of this special issue is to showcase the depth and breadth of entrepreneurship research within the African continent as a tool towards alleviating the challenges of poverty and economic inequality. It is also envisaged that the special issue will help inform strategies, interventions and policies, especially concerning these challenges. 


The journal now invites research contributions which explicitly address the contribution of entrepreneurship towards addressing the challenges of poverty and economic inequality, as well as the proposed implications (research and policy) in the African countries in which the work is located.


Manuscripts which are theoretical and/or empirical are welcomed, as are submissions from different disciplines – but must have an African focus. Likewise, those exploring best practices and case examples (with a focus on the African continent) are also welcomed. 


Here are some thought starters to assist authors:

  • How can we synthesise key findings from entrepreneurship research with related fields?
  • Promoting entrepreneurial skills for the purpose of alleviating poverty and economic inequality
  • Best practice innovations concerning entrepreneurship
  • The synergy that can be created between politicians and citizens in encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Entrepreneurship education and its role in alleviating poverty and economic inequality
  • The contribution of immigrant entrepreneurs in poverty alleviation and enhancing economic inequality
  • Technology entrepreneurship on the African continent and its role in fostering economic development
  • Systematic literature reviews on or aspects of entrepreneurship research on the African continent
  • Formal and informal entrepreneurs within the African context
  • Role of business social responsibility in poverty alleviation
  • Women’s under-representation in business/corporate sector and implications for socio- economic development (systematic reviews)
  • Impact of university student graduate attributes on emergent entrepreneurship• Social  entrepreneurship and poverty reduction
  • Women entrepreneurship dynamics
  • Entrepreneurship barriers
  • The relationship between marketing and entrepreneurship
  • Rural entrepreneurship.


We look forward to receiving your contributions.